Our Burns Supper will go ahead this year on the 27th January at 1900 for 1930 hrs in the club rooms.

We have secured a caterer at a reasonable cost, the band is good to go and tickets will be on sale from tomorrow at £15 per head on a first come first service basis. There’ll be haggis, neeps, tatties, oatcakes, entertainment, speeches and maybe even a wee dram. 

Please note that there will be a maximum of 30 tickets to be sold based on the limited space available for tables in the club rooms and that many of these are already accounted for! (The band, chef, presenters, etc)

It would be great if we could get some publicity around this now – please tell anyone you know who would like to attend. We’d also like to appeal to anyone who may be interested in playing a tune, singing a song, reading some Burns or playing the pipes to come along – and I’d ask them to contact Norman or Elaine in the first instance. Unfortunately, they’ll still have to pay the ticket price due to the very limited covers. Sorry! 🙂

Delighted this is happening at last as we’ve tried to organise something for the last few years without success. It should be great fun and I hope to see you all there in your kilts!

At the moment our plan is to host the Gasco event earlier in the day upstairs so that we can get set up for the Burns Supper downstairs without a clash.